Fall Car Maintenance Tips in Houston, TX

Fall car maintenance tips - West Point Buick GMC - Houston, TX

Getting ready for fall typically means pulling out scarves and jackets and sipping on pumpkin lattes. In order to get to your favorite coffeehouse or favorite tree-lined hiking trail, you need a reliable car. Make sure your car is ready to embrace all your fall adventures with the following fall car maintenance tips.

Battery Check

The change in season is a good reminder to check the charge of your car battery. It’s just endured a strenuous summer with high temperatures. It may not have the strength to carry you through the demands of a wet and windy fall. Inspect that the battery and cables are free from corrosion, too.

Lights Check

The sun will set earlier in fall than in summer increasing the amount of time you’re driving in the dark. The only way to cut through the dusk and darkness is with properly working headlights. Now is the time to investigate if your headlights, brake lights, turn signals and hazard lights are clear and bright. If one of your lights is fading, its best repair its partner at the same time.

Tires Check

Hot pavement and extreme temperatures help deteriorate the quality of your car’s tires. Check that your car’s tires have a healthy amount of tread, are inflated to the car’s recommended psi and aren’t showing any signs of damage like bulging, tears or uneven wear.

The experts at our service department are ready to assist you with all your fall car care. Contact West Point Buick GMC in Houston, Texas, to schedule a service appointment. 

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