What to See at the Johnson Space Center

There are a lot of cool sights to see and do in Houston — like NASA’s Johnson Space Center. If you’re planning a visit, you can expect to see a lot of fun, exciting things.

Johnson Space Center

Rocket Park

Ever wondered what the rockets that launch missions to the moon look like? When the Apollo missions were launched to the moon, they were launched with a Saturn V rocket. You’ll see one of these at Rocket Park, where a long shed houses the most complete of the three Saturn Vs that are left. Rocket Park also hosts two rockets outside an Apollo capsule on a Little Joe II and a Mercury Redstone pointing to the sky.

Neutral Buoyancy Lab

At Johnson Space Center, you can also see where some astronauts go to train for their missions. The Neutral Buoyancy Lab is a pool with life-size models of International Space Station (ISS) modules underneath. Astronauts wear suits that make their weight the same as the water to mimic the feel of zero gravity, enabling them to practice their missions in the pool.


Not surprisingly, the Johnson Space Center hosts weekly events where visitors can meet astronauts. One regular event is Lunch with an Astronaut, a comfortable and casual experience where attendees can hear astronauts tell stories of their experiences.

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